Why Choose OLW?


Core Competencies

At OLW, we focus our efforts on leaders and are privileged to offer our clients a broad network of consultants with expertise in Leadership and many of the areas that impact and support the success of leaders like Ethics, Strategic Problem Solving, Crisis Management, Strategy Development, Conflict Resolution, Education, Diversity and for interested clients Faith at its intersection with Life and Work. We use a turnkey approach to build unique and customized project plans to meet the needs of clients. If you are in need of any of the specific competences identified below, OLW is prepared and ready to serve your needs.


Sample Method

We will work side-by-side with you in support of your organizational goals. Not only do we keep abreast of the latest leadership innovations, but we also use our educational backgrounds and experience to conduct research as well as develop our own leadership innovations. We will help you align your strategy with business objectives, speak to challenges in your business environment, and provide feedback in critical areas as appropriate for the specific competency for which we are engaged.