What We Do

We Seek To Understand, Gain Trust, And Impact Your
Tough Issues.

At OLW, we are in the business of people serving your Leadership Strategy and Consulting needs. Be assured we do not make such a statement lightly.

Although Leadership is a 21st Century buzz word, our approach to leaders and leadership is anything but a simple buzz. Leadership is a discipline; and we help clients re-shape the way they have learned to think. We will help you envision the Big Picture and unlock the power from within to drive results. We do not see leadership as an end goal but a journey in achieving, which is precisely why we partner with clients for long-term gains.

We recognize people and organizations are different and, therefore, we do not use a one-size fits all approach to leadership consulting. Rather, we believe in the art of strategic leadership, critically assessing the needs of our clients and their systems before offering solutions.

One important way in which a business growth plan is strengthened is through growth in intellectual capital. In our fast paced global economy, leaders must lead the way. Intellectual capital grows when people grow in their thinking and strategic advancements. At OLW, each time we learn something new, we are given the opportunity to use it to increase our output capacity and value add. Such an approach further fuels our passion to invest in leaders and the issues that concern them and perhaps even keep them awake at night! We want our clients to know we serve as a partner whose concern is what concerns you.


We believe strongly in continual personal and professional improvement and, as such, commit to remaining relevant and capable of offering you innovative solutions to the issues you face as a leader, all with one goal in mind — to help you achieve and surpass your leadership benchmark.

Our client commitment is to help you with your leadership needs. However, if we cannot supply your leadership need, we will do our best to help you find the right organization to assist you.

The fact remains leaders cannot lead effectively without a plan! We help you get focused and on track to reach what right now may appear unreachable. Working one-to-one with leaders, we will work with you to achieve your identified goals while simultaneously helping you identify meaning and purpose for your life and work.

We see 21st Century leadership as having many integrated prongs, including personal growth, business enhancement, financial strength, internal compass modulation™ and sustained accountability. We believe leadership outcomes must be tied to and strategically aligned with business or personal goals and must be Vision and Mission focused. Therefore, whether an individual client or an organization, we are committed to helping you make the connection and drive results.