Sample Client Growth Strategy

At OLW, we help clients abandon marginal thinking in exchange for a centered approach to leadership.

C.O.R.E.™ Formation (CORE is a trademark of Our Living Word Communications, Inc.)

Using the Principle of Core Formation, we have developed a leadership growth system that helps leaders progress from marginal to a more centered thinking approach leading to the skills needed to grow their leadership pipeline and drive business results.

At OLW, we pride ourselves on helping clients retain the power and impact of thinking and strategizing for world-class solutions to true leadership and the issues leaders face. One way we accomplish this goal is through our Core Formation Leadership Tool, just one of the many tools we use in Personal Leadership Strategy.

True leaders influence and impact those they serve, including those who report to them. If as a leader you cannot point to specific persons and systems you have positively impacted and influenced, or if you desire to increase your influence and impact exponentially, we are here to offer help.