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Leadership DASH: Breaking through the Finish Linean award winning and insightful work that gets at the heart of how people become leaders of influence!

About the Author

With more than two decades of helping clients develop legal and business strategy, Dr. Geneace Williams is a trusted advisor offering innovative leadership counsel. She has a long history as a leader and in managing conflict and crises through critical and strategic problem solving. Dr. Williams teaches various Leadership Courses at the Masters Degree level as well as Business Law, Ethics, and Humanities at the Undergraduate level. Often she teaches clients through use of her five principles of legacy leadership while emphasizing the reciprocal value in "other-centered" leadership. Having spoken in diverse venues around the world, Dr. G's strategies for leadership have positively influenced many.

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Praise for Leadership DASH

  • "I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Leadership DASH because it magnificently illustrates the point that true leaders lead themselves first, and only out of honest self-leadership can they effectively lead others. True leadership is inside out rather than outside in. This is a must read for any leader who wants to rise to the level of outstanding leadership."

    Dr. Frank A. Thomas
    Professor of Preaching, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN
  • "Behind every great company, every great non-profit, every great church and every great family is a great leader. But what is leadership, and how do we distinguish between great leadership and poor leadership? In her book, Leadership DASH, Dr. Williams not only answers this important question but also gives leaders the tools to transform their leadership. Leadership DASH challenges all of us who carry the title leader to aspire to more to not settle for success when we can achieve significance. If you are a leader looking to identify and fulfill your purpose, you must read this book. It not only helps to define true leadership, it provides you the practical tools to achieve it."

    Luis Ramos
    CEO, The Network, Atlanta, GA
  • "Taking an assessment of who you are at your core and how that drives your leadership abilities is a necessity for anyone interested in becoming a better leader. Leadership DASH takes you on an introspective and systematic journey that will improve you and your leadership acumen. Whether you are a seasoned leader, new leader or interested in becoming a leader, Leadership DASH is the book for you. I've taken the Leadership DASH journey and have unequivocally become a better leader because of it. Are you ready to make the most of your leadership dash?"

    Gabrielle Cummings
    Hospital Senior Vice President, Greater Chicago
  • "In a world that promotes a "dancing through life" mentality, Dr. Williams reminds us that leaders are called to a deeper relationship to those around us. To embrace the lessons of Leadership DASH is to recognize that true leadership is not based upon what we can do TO others but is instead based upon what we do FOR others. Leaders who follow the selfless lessons of the "DASH" will identify evidence of their leadership and create a legacy which will go on and on and on."

    David Whitehurst, Attorney and Counselor at law
    Founding Partner, Whitehurst & Cawley, Dallas, TX
  • "I think that any assistance you can get to help yourself hear that small, still voice inside that wants to guide your path in life is a gift. The wisdom presented in Leadership DASH by Dr. Geneace Williams is just such a gift. Although the concept of leadership is frequently framed in a business, government or sports context, Dr. Williams reminds the reader that true, authentic leadership can be applied to all aspects of life, whether you are a CEO running a company, a mayor governing a town or a parent trying to provide the best life for your family. The book will get you thinking about how you define leadership, how you manifest leadership in your own life, and how you might refine your own path so that it leads to a life of real success. Leadership DASH is a book worth reading more than once."

    Teresa T.
    Reader, Greater Chicago
  • "It is a delightful enlightening page turner. I've read a plethora of leadership books, but never has one truly caused me to pause and really truly think. This is a MUST read!!!"

    Elbert Hatley
    Entrepreneur/Wine Consultant, Greater Chicago
  • "I am impressed by the depth and breadth of Dr. Williams' analysis of a complex yet simple concept-leadership. She has an uncanny ability to instruct and guide in a clear and concise manner while simultaneously exploring the intricacies of various aspects of leadership. I found myself questioning my own leadership capabilities, my connectivity and authenticity, my intent. The 12 meditations are thought provoking and inspirational—this book is absolutely a must read for anyone who considers themselves a leader of any kind."

    Hon. Patricia Brown Holmes (ret)
    Chicago, IL



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