In our continued boutique setting, we publish in the niche but multifaceted and integrated genres of leadership and business especially as they intersect with various social matters that impact our global community.


In today's marketplace, the business of publishing books has changed dramatically. In fact, publishers are not as available to new authors as they once were. In like manner, more and more authors are seeking alternatives to traditional publishing, which in turn allows them greater say so in the final output of the work that bears their name.

At OLW, we are working to publish many of the tools we use in the work we do with clients. We also consult with other authors in this niche market who are seeking a distinctive approach to the work they are desirous of having published. With the advent of e-books, the industry is evolving daily forcing publishers to adopt a more contemporary view of book publishing. Moreover, since publishers are producing fewer books by fewer authors more alternatives are needed for authors who wish to express their creativity in written form. We will consult with you to share our knowledge as you work to get published.


To consult with us on your book project...