The OLW Approach to Leadership

At OLW, we will help you with a leadership approach that is Holistic, Integrated and Strategic.

At OLW, we believe that Thought Leaders champion new ideas and expand critical and creative thinking in matters of significance. Rather than wait for others to do their thinking, Thought Leaders foster innovative and leading edge thinking.

As depicted in the adjacent diagram, the OLW attitude toward the discipline of leadership is nothing less than innovative, and we will help you with an approach to leadership strategy that is Holistic, Integrated and Strategic. We will work to understand you, your business, and your leadership growth targets. We will aid you in optimizing your outcomes by helping to guide your leadership strategy in the direction of your Vision and Mission. If you do not have a Vision and Mission, we will help you as you build Vision for your direction. Through our competencies, we will also help you with many of the business areas that are closely related and tied to leadership.


Quotes to Live By

  • "The possibility of extraordinary begins at the edge of comfort."
    – Geneace Williams

  • "Positive change presupposes confronting your growing edges."
    – Geneace Williams

  • "Formation is the re-construction of you into the person you were intended to be."
    – Geneace Williams

  • "Leadership is not advanced by the number of people you encounter; rather, its power is in the depth of the transaction."
    – Geneace Williams

  • "Leadership is the gift of sacrifice for the benefit of another, and legacy is the inheritance you leave for those who follow."
    – Geneace Williams

Quotes borrowed from the book Leadership DASH.



For more on our specific competencies, please refer to the "Why Choose OLW" section, which can be found as a part of the About Us tab.