The name Our Living Word (OLW) was conceived from a simple idea that words influence. What we say about our lives has both meaning and power to change or advance the course of our accomplishments. The word Communications was added to the name as a reminder of our commitment to effectively communicate through advice, wise counsel and strategic thinking to inspire positive outcomes for those who trust us with their business. Thus, the name Our Living Word Communications, Inc., was born.

In essence, written and spoken words can be life enhancing and leadership inspiring. Whether an organization or an individual, what we say and ultimately believe about our course are powerful tools to help drive results. That said, words are only step one along the journey of realizing your professional and personal endeavors. Step two for achieving your business, professional or personal leadership goals is a partnership with OLW, an organization whose most important goal is to help you conceive and/or enhance a comprehensive strategy for leadership. In simple terms, our goal is to build and enhance knowledge one client at a time. A thorough review of our website will walk you through our menu of leadership related competencies. We would also be delighted to hear from you and to share client feedback on the value of what we offer at OLW. We are here to serve your needs.